Kamila Boudová 

Entrepreneur. Author. Teacher. 


Kamila Boudová , young woman of Czech origin, is based in Paris, where she is teaching sustainable fashion, sustainable luxury and product development at different fashion schools. Back home in Czech Repulblic she is running  an event dedicated to sustainable fashion called SLOU  Days. In 2017 she was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 selection of the most talented Czech people under 30 years and published her first book Fake Parisian. More on her professional and personal activities below. 


Online educational platform dedicated to fashion business and marketing and my professional blog about entrepreneurship and leadership. 


Multibrand pop-up stores of sustainable fashion and accessories supported by Ragwear Info Zone where you can get information and even skills. 

Fake Parisian

My personal life pictured in monthly columns in Pravý Domácí Časopis and my book Falšná Pařížanka published in Czechia in October 2017. 

My professional life in timeline

9th edition of SLOU DAYS

It is wonderful to see SLOU DAYS still on the agenda. The first part of 2018 was so hard I was worried we threw the last event in June but we are going on. Thanks to our amazing partners and most of all thanks to the amazing team staying by my side. Check us on Instagram. 

Two days with MBA students from Cleveland and Columbus

In March 2019 I had another amazing opportunity to teach sustainable development in fashion industry. This time with students from Cleveland State University a Columbus State University . 

TEDx UNYP online!

Check out my life mission in my TEDx speech! Finally some conference in English. 

My first book LAUNCHED! Fake Parisian published and baptized 

Done. Fake Parisian (in Czech Falesna Parizanka) is written, illustrated, published and baptized in November 2017 by Petra Kruntoradova from Pravy Domaci Casopis. Long live Fake Parisian! 

Sustainable fashion is HOT! Check it out in our SLOU magazine 

With our incredible team of dedicated slow fashionistas we not only organize SLOU Fashion Days, but we are also publishing an online magazine with inspiration, information and hot hot fashion story. In this issue you can find my interview with Carry Somers, the founder of Fashion Revolution. It is in Czech, but you know what... a picture says million words. 

Read it

Started teaching at my 'homeschool' Iternational Fashion Academy 

It feels like coming back home when you teach at the school where you studied. It feels really great especially because I have an honor to teach Sustainable Luxury. We had one outing session with the students that we closed up with practice of well-being. Because sustainability is personal, it is about well-being of each of us. 

Fourth SLOU Fashion Days 

This time in fancy Vnitroblock at Prague with over 40 brands and presentation by sustainability chief officer from Lindex. 

Forbes 30 under 30  

Being listed by Forbes? "Check". In the very popular list of the most talented 30 people under 30 years old from Czech Republic. February 2017. 

First column 'Fake Parisian' published 

In September 2016 the very first column on my life in the capital of fashion despite my values was published in 'Genuine home-made magazine'. And since that time I am living my dream to write a column like Carry Bradshaw. And even better - I illustrate them as well like Garance Dore! 

Third SLOU Fashion Days and launch of SLOU Magazine 

In September 2016 in Kafka's house in the center of Prague and with the great launch of online magazine SLOU. This time we welcomed over 30 brands, run 12 workshops and seminars and captured all the event in an amazing video (I was eight months pregnant that time). 

Mentoring the winner of EcoChic Design Award

To become even an external force of the Hong Kong based NGO Redress is my great pleasure. Get in touch with the finalists of the EcoChic Design Award is making it all even better. After one hour skype with Pat Guzik - the ultimate winner of the Eco Chic Design Award in January 2016 - we fashioned a plan for her to acquire knowledge and contacts she needs to get closer to her dream about established fashion brand. Good luck, Pat! 

Interactive workshop at AFAD Bratislava

The very first workshop took place at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in October 2014. And it was a great honor to come back one year and half later to see again some of the students and get to know many new ones and spend with them inspiring weekend dedicated to their careers, CVs and business opportunities in fashion industry in Slovakia. Strategic marketing and entrepreneurship included as always. 

Interviewed by Forbes magazine

A year ago this was a dream for me, today it is reality. You can find an interview with me at Forbes.cz with a title: End of fast fashion - Story of woman who wants to change fashion industry for better. 

Sustainability rocks in Czech Republic

We have successfully run second edition of Sustainable Fashion Day during the Prague Fashion Week in March 2016! This time there were 12 brands presenting their sustainable products and collections and workshop "Effective wardrobe" by renowned czech stylist Kamila Vodochodska. 

Sustainable Fashion and Fashion Revolution on air

Collaborating with Czech PR agency Artspeak I represented Fashion Revolution on the Czech Screens twice during my last trip to Czech Republic. 

Listed in the Encyclopedia of Czech and Slovak personalities

I was approached by Britishpedia with an offer to add my curriculum vitae into the Encyclopedia of Czech and Slovak personalities. So yes, you can find me there surrounded by all the great entrepreneurs, designers and artists. I am honored.

My youtube channel

It feels weird in the beginning to make the workshops online and at home, but it serves you great! Thank you for the feedback and also thanks to the technology that I can deliver free lessons to you on my Youtube and at www.moyomi.com

Christmas in the Slovak National Theater

To be honest I have always wanted to be an actress. So when I was invited as a guest of Adela Banasova - the adored star of both Czechs and Slovaks - to her talk show Trochu Inak ( Little Different ) I was out of my mind! Thanks for this opportunity and your continuous support of sustainable wardrobes for all, Adela! <3 

Attending Greenathon in Paris

Technology and fashion in the service of environment. And so I played all the weekend with a group of great and creative people and with bio-plastic, 3D printing and Cradle to Cradle concept of DIY kits to create your own fashion... Yep, we wanted to do some energy gathering super tech garment, but finally chose concept where technology does not override the utility. 

Workshops going digital

It has been not even a year that the first workshop took place in Bratislava and the first official one in Prague. Yet, due to my schedule and your resources, we are pivoting into digital project. God bless you, digital Fashion Business Semestr. 

First SLOU Fashion day

The very first SLOU Fashion Day took place in September 2015 in the official program of Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. It was a lovely day of seminars, panel discussions, True Cost screening and presentation of two brands. And only one of them was selling.

DVTV and what happened after

In august 2015 I was invited to DVTV, one of the biggest czech online media. The topics were all around sustainable fashion and the current fashion system and the visions we are sharing with lot of industry insiders I know - ethically made clothes, chemically clean. Dream. I have received dozens of emails and messages and the Fashion Revolution Czech Republic and Slovakia facebook page got over hundred likes literally over night. Thanks for this opportunity and many many thanks for your support. 

The conference Freedom Life - Prague, June 2015

It was one of the best days of my life. Many thanks to Tomas Hajzler to put all this energy into it and giving me this awesome opportunity to talk about my passions - sustainable and ethical fashion and Cradle to Cradle. Also - not to forget - I had an opportunity to meet in person Mr. Vincent Stanley, the founder of Patagonia. <3

Guest lecture at School of Economics in Prague

Maria Tisovski invited me to her Luxury Marketing class so - obviously - I tapped into the topic of Sustainable Luxury. The international group of students was enthusiastic and inspired by the principles of Cradle to Cradle and other information I have shared. Thanks, Maria! 

Lecturing at MOD'SPE Paris

Starting from the summer semester 2015 I am a member of MOD'SPE Paris lecturers team! I am teaching Product Development and I am pouring a lot of sustainable development into my classes. Educating the future leaders to have a better future for all of us. Thanks for the opportunity. 

Business Fashion Forum - my first one in French

Being invited to present my projects at Business Fashion Forum meeting was a challenge - my first time public speaking in French. But it went all very well. Many thanks for invitation and support of Fashion Business Workshop and Fashion Revolution. 

Fashion Business Workshop was born

I have founded the Fashion Business Workshop out of my own experience of being a student of fashion design university and living the frustration of not having any resource of information and support for launching my own business, my own brand. Successful brand. 

I was asked in the past by several designers to consult them and help them to launch their activities or even to take their brands to another level. Basic knowledge about business and strategic marketing is a must to launch or improve your projects. And so Fashion Business Workshop was born. 

The second branch I am developing is sustainable fashion - of course. First workshop on sustainable fashion is coming soon. Thanks to everybody staying by my side in these days.

Slovak Fashion Week - workshop and conferences

During the Slovak Fashion Week I was invited to talk about my favorite topics - fashion business, management and strategic marketing & sustainable fashion and responsible entrepreneurship. To manifest my values and ideas in reality I also run two days workshop with the fashion and marketing students. Thanks for all to Slovak Fashion Council. 

Conference on sustainable fashion at CEFD in Budapest

Many thanks to Central European Fashion Days for the opportunity to give a conference and join a roundtable on sustainable fashion in Budapest. In the picture with life trendsetter and designer at Maldoror, Gregor.

ILO-OECD roundtables on Sustainable supply chain

I have represented Fashion Revolution at ILO-OECD roundtable on responsible sourcing in the textile and garment sector in Paris. The event was held under Chatham House rule so there is no follow up article, but there will be lot of new insights used in my conferences to come.

Fashion Revolution presented at Association of CSR

The Association of CSR in Czech Republic has a mission to raise awareness and encourage the companies to monitor and improve their action. It is my great pleasure to present Fashion Revolution at their platform and lauch a collaboration. (Article in Czech)

My sustainable wardrobe

I put together a collection of sustainable fashion pieces for Dej Mi Darek featuring Pants for Powerty, Veja, localy produced shoes and collection and second hand and vintage pieces - all with Parisian twist. Enjoy.

Coordinating Fashion Revolution in Czech Rep & Slovakia

It was a great pleasure and honor to collaborate with the founders and the core team of Fashion Revolution in London and develop activities and media coverage in Czech Republic and Slovakia. With Fashion Map and Slovak Fashion Council we believe to spread the word in really short period of time and we are preparing more activities during the year and for the next Fashion Revolution Day.

Exclusive report from Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014

Coverage of the Fashion Summit for Fashion-Map.cz is mainly dedicated to Livia Firth for the challenging questions and contributions to this industry gathering. In the end Fashion Summit proved what we all knew - there is lot of talking and little proof of action. In addition we learnt that even the leaders of sustainability depts cannot define clearly what are the criterias of sustainable fabrics. 

(Article in Czech)

1.618 Sustainable Luxury fair in Paris

An inspirational and aspirational event lived its fourth season. I attended majority of the conferences and tried anything I could have. 1.618 as seen through my eyes is and will be covered in articles at www.fashion-map.cz.

Conference for Film Festival One World

On 26.3.2014 I joint the initiative of the Film Festival One World in Olomouc in spreading the truth about ethics in business practices. My topic - of course - was all based around fashion and textile industry.

State of Czech Fashion Business, part 2

An article for Cultural and Creative Industries in collaboration with Jana Adamcova discussing the past development of the fashion indsutry in Czech Republic got it second episode. Where are we now and what are our options for the future? (Articles available in English and Czech)

Guest lecture at Business Ethics class

In March 2014 I gave a guest lectures about Fashion Ethics and Sustainable Fashion for the bachelors degree students at Ango-American University in Prague. It was a great pleasure to meet these future professionals as well as the management of the school. Thank you.

Covering events of London Fashion Week

At International Fashion Showcase at 180 Strand there was a part of exhibition dedicated to designers from Central Europe including designers from Czech Republic. How are we doing in comparison to other countries? Read more in my exclusive report for fashion-map.cz

(Article in Czech)

Fashion Start-Up talk

I took a part in talk regarding Fashion Start-Up organized by Czech Fashion Council in cooperation with Czech Center in Prague.

Weekly Column about Sustainable Fashion

Raising awareness about principles of sustainable fashion is easy with such a platform as Fashion-Map that is dedicated to the same values as me. In order to explain the difference between the conventional fashion and sustainable fashion I am publishing a column weekly and covering some of the fashion events from the sustainable perspective. 

(Articles in Czech)

Conference about Sustinable Fashion at Prague Fashion Weekend

My Capstone project from MBA in Fashion Business at International Fashion Academy Paris/Shanghai got a public form of presentation. I shared my knoledge about The 'S' fashion with the visitors of Prague Fashion Weekend in September 2013.

Lecturing collaborations